Jury Trials Outside In

Jury Trials Outside In is a practical, educational, and enjoyable collection of trial stories, knowledge, and advice from nationally renowned jury consultant, Melissa M. Gomez, Ph.D.

The book goes beyond the topic of jury psychology. Instead, it speaks to the psychology of all of the people involved in a case and how that psychology impacts the manner in which we make decisions and communicate at trial. Specifically, Dr. Gomez examines key aspects of the psychology of jurors, attorneys, judges, and witnesses, and analyzes how each person influences the manner in which a case is presented to and received by jurors. Dr. Gomez takes real-life stories from the road and ties them to theory and research from disciplines like psychology, advertising, marketing, politics, homeland security, and sociology. The goal is to understand human nature as it applies across multiple contexts so that we can learn a practical lesson as it applies to the courtroom.

Dr. Gomez helps attorneys take a step back to address the big picture of a case, to step outside of their own viewpoint, and to turn their perspective of their case outside in. She has made this guide a conduit that connects psychological principles applicable to civil and criminal cases, to plaintiffs and defendants, to medical malpractice, product liability, intellectual property, contract, aviation, trucking and all other cases that involve human beings.

Jury Trials Outside In serves as an entertaining and helpful companion to both the novice and the experienced litigator as well as anyone who is intrigued by the psychology behind the jury trial.


Dennis R. Suplee

American College of Trial Lawyers

No newly minted trial lawyer should undertake his/her first jury trial without reading this destined-to-be-a-classic text on the subject. Less than 150 pages, but rich in anecdotes and examples from a jury trial consultant who has worked on serious personal injury cases and complex commercial disputes, both for plaintiffs and for defendants, in courts across the country, this slender work will give the jury trial tyro a sense of confidence that he/she can handle whatever arises in that important first case.

Professor Jules Epstein

Director of Advocacy Programs

Temple University Beasley School of Law

This book was published by NITA, so I thought it deserved a glance.  And the glance turned into a page-turning read because author Melissa Gomez, holder of a Ph.D. in psychology and a Masters degree in education, uses science as the foundation of her writing.  And that makes this small book a gem, cataloging technique after technique, and insight after insight.

David Kwass, Esq.

Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky

Jury Trials, Outside In is a rare entry into the literature of jury trial analysis that is at once accessible and thought provoking, at once practical and theoretical. Whether explaining the theory of Proactive Interference, plumbing the mysteries of smiling jurors, or teaching us why phone numbers have 7 digits, Dr. Gomez’s concise tomb offers powerful insights backed by memorable examples. She answers questions about which trial lawyers on both sides of the “v” wonder and debate: do jurors care about following rules or fairness? Can appeals to common sense backfire? How do I recognize thought leaders in my jury panel? Does the Sumo technique of yobi modoshi have an analog in modern trial practice? Throughout this entertaining work, Dr. Gomez never loses track of her central theme, that the science of jury psychology can help us communicate more effectively with jurors. My advice? Buy the book and mark it up while reading. You'll come back to it time and again, and be very glad you did.

Willie Simmons

United Parcel Service

A must read for new attorneys and claims professionals that will save you a lifetime of mistakes…and a must read for us old dogs so we can learn a new thing or two or at least identify the mistakes we’ve made.