The Witness Preparation Partner

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The Witness Preparation Partner is a resource for trial lawyers and witnesses to use in partnership with each other. It is a collaborative tool to help prepare witnesses for deposition, trial, and the litigation process in general.

Being a witness is stressful. While there is no way to erase all anxiety associated with testifying, a clear understanding of the process and the witness’s role in it certainly helps. The Witness Preparation Partner is a tangible and organized resource that helps witnesses develop that understanding. It provides the basics witnesses need to know about the litigation process and testifying within it. It is a readily available tool for them to refer to time and time again.

The Witness Preparation Partner assists attorneys and witnesses through witness preparation by being an integral part of the process. It provides tools that start the right conversations and continue those conversations throughout the life of the litigation. It guides the collaboration, training and education between attorney and witness at each step.