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The Witness Preparation Partner is a resource for trial lawyers and witnesses to use in partnership with each other. It is a collaborative tool to help prepare witnesses for deposition, trial, and the litigation process in general.

Being a witness is stressful. While there is no way to erase all anxiety associated with testifying, a clear understanding of the process and the witness’s role in it certainly helps. The Witness Preparation Partner is a tangible and organized resource that helps witnesses develop that understanding. It provides the basics witnesses need to know about the litigation process and testifying within it. It is a readily available tool for them to refer to time and time again.

The Witness Preparation Partner assists attorneys and witnesses through witness preparation by being an integral part of the process. It provides tools that start the right conversations and continue those conversations throughout the life of the litigation. It guides the collaboration, training and education between attorney and witness at each step.


Professor Jules Epstein

Director of Advocacy Programs

Temple University Beasley School of Law

Gomez’ insights, based on her degree in psychology and her vast experience with juries (and witnesses), complement a law school education and the home-spun ‘wisdom’ lawyers have regarding the world and task of witnessing.

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Paul D’Amato, Esq.

The D’Amato Law Firm

THE WITNESS PREPARATION PARTNER (the attorney edition and the witness edition) should be in every trial lawyer's library. Not only will the lawyer gain insight as to how Dr. Gomez preps a witness, but the "tips for counsel" are right on the money! The paper books are priced right and are a quick read. Buy them: I am sure you will agree with my assessment.

Marc Benjoya, Esq.

Cassiday, Schade, LLP

Dr. Gomez’s Witness Preparation Partner book is exceptionally well written. It provides valuable information, tools and thoughtful insight for our clients and expert witnesses. Dr Gomez’s writing style is brilliant and intuitive. She is able to effectively communicate all the essential information that our clients and witnesses need to know to be the best witness they can be. There is no substitution to having Dr Gomez provide her in person witness preparation but this is as close as it can get. We look forward to her next contribution to the legal community.

Bill Ricci, Esq

Ricci, Tyrrell, Johnson & Grey

In my opinion, product liability cases are won or lost in the defendant’s case. Competent and litigation-savvy expert witnesses are the norm. However, the witness designated to be the corporate representative is critically important to the defendant’s credibility and is often the centerpiece of the plaintiff’s attorney’s presentation to the jury. That individual may be inexperienced in and terrified of the (typically) videotaped deposition and courtroom.


Enter Melissa M. Gomez, Ph.D.  Dr. Gomez brings a unique, stunningly intuitive perspective to the preparation of the corporate party witness for deposition and trial. Through her process, Dr. Gomez enables the representative to “evolve” from a reluctant and anxious witness-to-be, to a confident spokesperson willing to stand behind and explain his company’s design choices.  Dr. Gomez’ guidance – provided separately and together to both witness and counsel  - is invaluable, particularly in an age where the persuasion of potential jurors necessarily involves the integration of time-honored trial skills, cutting edge technology, and a multi-generational audience.


Make no mistake – Dr. Gomez’ process involves extensive preparation and self-reflection. The rewards are immeasurable.