Consultative Services

MMG's hourly consulting services are designed to achieve multiple, but integrated objectives that target effective messaging throughout the litigation process. To that end, hourly services consist of support that includes, but is not limited to, assistance with:

Witness Preparation and Evaluation

From deposition to discovery, MMG assists counsel with developing your witnesses into effective messengers, considering their roles, anxieties, and core messages for the case.

Themes and Trial Strategies

By providing an experienced outside-in perspective, MMG assists your trial team in theme development and trial strategy for openings, closings, visuals, and witnesses.  MMG provides tough feedback and will identify where case weaknesses lie from a jury perspective and then assist you in developing strategies to manage those weaknesses and bolster strengths.

Voir Dire and Jury Selection

By developing jury questionnaires and voir dire questions, creating a profile of our most dangerous jurors for elimination in jury selection, performing extensive searches of jurors' social media footprints, and assisting in-court with jury selection, MMG provides clients with support needed to make the right strategic jury selection decisions.

In Court Trial Monitoring

If you need us, we will be there!  MMG can consult with you throughout trial, tracking the effectiveness of your case evidence and messengers and providing ongoing guidance in trial strategy as the trial proceeds.

Jury Research

Jury research at MMG is conducted according to the principles of sound research methodologies and statistics. Every research exercise is designed with the case needs in mind. Just as not all cases are the same, not all case issues can be adequately addressed with the same research methodology. MMG will advise counsel on recommended methodologies that best answer the critical questions and best assist in making decisions - whether for settlement or trial.

Telephone Surveys/Online Community Attitude Surveys

Community attitude surveys, whether conducted online or via telephone, provide large samples of data to permit valid and reliable statistical analyses.  These surveys deliver a peek into juror perceptions of the merits and weaknesses of a case at a visceral level.  Survey findings may be used for juror profiling, evaluation of media exposure and related bias regarding a case, change of venue analysis, or high-level assessments of jurors' instinctive reactions to case facts.

Mock Trials/Focus Groups

With jury research, one size never fits all.  Focus group/mock trial designs are based not on a pre-determined methodology, but on an evaluation of case needs and key issues that need to be examined.  Whether litigation needs require valuing the case for possible settlement, focusing in on one or two complex issues to develop educational strategy, testing the effectiveness of a witness, or evaluating the whole case story, focus groups are designed to answer a wide range of questions.

Shadow Juries

Shadow juries provide the trial team a sneak peek into the minds of jurors while the trial is ongoing.  MMG facilitates the real-time trial observation of and feedback from a sub-sample of jurors, matched to the actual jury.  MMG uses this process to provide strategic information from the shadow jury to the trial team each day so modifications and clarifications can be incorporated into the next day's trial strategy.

Educational Services

MMG is proud to spread its knowledge and the information gleaned through its databases through education.  In addition to teaching seminars at major university law schools and providing consultation to national news outlets, MMG provides educational services to clients nationwide.

Training Seminars

MMG's seminars include education to groups of witnesses, corporate decision-makers and attorneys on a wide range of topics.  Seminars are designed and executed based on the needs of the group.

Continuing Legal Education

MMG provides CLE programs for both law firms and legal organizations based on relevant and cutting-edge topics to the litigators.  What do you want your firm to learn?